Thursday, October 1, 2009

a BIG disclaimer

Already on blog post #3 we start to wonder if a blog was a bad idea?
We want to take this time to say a few things before this blog really gets going.
The people who write this or contribute to it are not "professionals".
They are a bunch of artists that M. suckered. A small group of people:
who think to much
speak to fast
drink to much coffee
on occasion drink to much at Happy Hour
make doodles,prints, paintings
think short films are the way of the future
are heavily influenced by:
music,books, films,people, art,pianos,
accordions,tap dancing,bad jokes
designs, bikes, trains, walking
laughing,food, friends,family
life and are
way to opinionated.
Forgive us.
There will be times when the writings on this blog will be a chaotic mess
with bad grammar and spelling. Other times it will be like Salinger and Dylan formed a love child and that child is writing you a love poem. Most times though it will be a few lines and links of things we like and thing you will too.


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