Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hello October

We’re back! In case you hadn’t noticed we’ve been on an extended summer break. Tough economic times had us making hard decisions about the longevity of the gallery and our place in the LA art scene. After some restructuring and re-focusing we found our way back to the original goal for starting LBgallery. To promote emerging and under recognized artists. We had always wanted to have more of a creative collaboration with our artists rather then just the run of the mill exhibition every month. It became more clear to us in these tough times that this is where we needed to focus our attention. Hence the start of LittleBird Limiteds. A series of art related projects. We’ve been hard at work gathering talented artists to take part in these projects and we thank all of them for their willingness to support us and our ideas.Now we ask that you support them! Have a look at our LB Limiteds page to read all about the exciting new projects going on and coming up.

Don’t worry, we haven’t abondoned our exhibitions all together. Instead of having one a month,we’ve decided to cut our show schedule to five a year and curate these shows offsite. This allows us greater opportunities to work closer with artists. As well as team up with other galleries and foundations to produce shows that are more thought provoking and relevant to the future of art. Our first show of Fall will be Los Angeles Photographer, Dan Monick.This is Dan’s second solo show with us.We look forward to exhibiting and working with one him.

We’ve revamped our website to reflect the new direction we are growing. A new inventory page where you can inquire about available works and prints.The LB Limiteds page will give you all the details about our new projects. Each month we will be featuring a new artist in our Print Lab and our new Quarterly Art Subscription will soon be available to purchase.This is a limited subscription and sales out fast. Our Bird Books will also be premiering this year. So check back and make sure you have joined our mailing list for updates! Also we’ve finally caved and joined FB, started a blog and are on twitter. So as you can see LBgallery is going strong and we thank all of you for support and we can not wait to see you all again in November for our opening with photographer Dan Monick.

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